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Esthetics Efficiency

Customers are highly satisfied with luting composite

17 January 2017

Are you interested in finding a luting composite which thoroughly convinces its users? Then read on. You will learn that ...

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Efficiency Pro advice

Reliable adhesion due to high technique tolerance

How wet or dry should the dentin be?  There is one answer to this question: Adhese Universal is a universal bonding agent that achieves high bond strength on both wet and dry dentin. This has been confirmed in a clinical study.

10 January 2017

Do you ask yourself sometimes how you can work more efficiently with adhesives? Do you wish you had one adhesive which can ...

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Retraction of lips and cheeks made easy!

OptraGate. Did you know that effective retraction of lips and cheeks during dental procedures is considered to be one of the most important factors that influence the success of the treatment.

3 January 2017

Did you know that effective retraction of lips and cheeks during dental procedures is considered to be one of the most ...

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Efficiency Pro advice

Light polymerization: choose the right device!


20 December 2016

Have you ever asked yourself why some fillings are lost prematurely – or why the retention of a high-quality ceramic ...

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Digital Denture: What you should know as a dentist

13 December 2016

Your dental technician may have talked about it or you may have read it in the trade press. Or you may even have come across ...

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Efficiency Practice strategy

11 years OptraGate: This is how you can treat patients with even more efficiency!

6 December 2016

Do you already use OptraGate? Since its market launch eleven years ago, the lip and cheek retractor has effectively helped ...

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Esthetics Efficiency

Skillful use of optical effects

29 November 2016

Metal-ceramic restorations are now capable of providing esthetic results that are in no way inferior to all-ceramic ...

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Digital Dentistry Esthetics Pro advice

Watch this exciting case online!

22 November 2016

Two internationally acclaimed dental professsionals teamed up to solve a very special case. Dr Marko Jakovac from Croatia ...

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Professional teeth cleaning: gentle yet effective!


15 November 2016

A visit with the dental hygienist is generally a positive experience for patients – and therefore offers an interesting ...

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