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Esthetics Efficiency Pro advice

Zenostar: Now even greater esthetics and efficiency

19 January 2017

Are you interested in zirconium discs that are fast and easy to handle and increase the esthetics of restorations? Learn ...

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Efficiency Pro advice

“New products have made me more efficient”


12 January 2017

Have you had the opportunity to work with the new ceramic products from Ivoclar Vivadent, or have you not yet had a chance ...

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Digital Dentistry Efficiency Pro advice

Greater efficiency: CAD/CAM meets press technology


5 January 2017

Have you heard? In this age of digitalization, when producing IPS e.max press restorations, you can combine the strengths of ...

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Efficiency Lab strategy

What can dental technicians learn from dentists?

22 December 2016

As a dental technician, you work closely with dentists every day. This relationship is not always ideal. Only a partnership ...

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Esthetics Efficiency

Lifelike esthetics – efficiently pressed

IPS e.max Press Multi is ideally suitable for the fabrication of monolithic anterior and posterior crowns, hybrid abutment crowns and veneers. Photo: Thorsten Michel

15 December 2016

Are you looking for a way to create highly esthetic restorations with a lifelike shade and fluorescence progression from the ...

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Lab strategy

Why are some furnaces fitted with an infrared camera?

8 December 2016

You may have heard that certain ceramic furnaces are now available with an integrated infrared (IR) camera. If you would ...

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Efficiency Pro advice

This is how to press veneering composite on framework structures!


1 December 2016

Are you looking for a fast way of veneering especially large framework structures with a light-curing laboratory composite? ...

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Lab strategy Pro advice

Why soldering remains important in dental technology


24 November 2016

How often do you solder? Have you ever asked yourself how important soldering is in the overall context of dental laboratory ...

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Digital Dentistry Esthetics Pro advice

Watch this exciting case online!

18 November 2016

Two internationally acclaimed dental professionals teamed up to solve a very special case. Dr Marko Jakovac from Croatia and ...

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