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A classic celebrates its anniversary. Tetric EvoFlow has been the best selling composite in Europe for several years. It is now turning ten. This is reason enough to celebrate its round-numbered anniversary with a bit of pomp.

Eighty million restorations placed worldwide attest to the success of Tetric EvoFlow. However, this does not mean that we will now sit back and rest on our laurels. Clinical success is the basis - evolution is the future! And as we have continued the evolution we can now also celebrate the second anniversary of Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill. The product takes the masking power of modern bulk-fill materials to a new level due to the Aessencio technology, for which a patent application has been filed. The Aessencio technology causes Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill to change its translucency to a dentin-like opacity as it polymerizes. This way, even severely discoloured dentin can be concealed.

Flowable materials are often used as liners in restorations placed with sculptable materials. Yet, they are actually suitable for a wide variety of applications. We have prepared this booklet of selected clinical cases to give you an impression of the manifold uses of this versatile little fellow.

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