ZA_006_Desensitizing_850x425_header.jpgDo you already know Adhese Universal? It’s a single component light-cured adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures. Adhese Universal is compatible with all etching techniques. And what's so special about it? An integrated desensitizing effect prevents fluid movement in the dentin tubules and reduces the risk of postoperative sensitivity. In other words, you will have fewer patients complaining about postop sensitivity - and so more patients will be satisfied with their treatment. And as the amount of remedial work decreases, your efficiency will increase.

This is how the desensitization mechanism works:

ZA_006_Adhese_Universal_Use_quadratisch.jpgWetting and infiltration of dentin tubules under wet and dry conditions occurs by contact with the hydrophilic solvents and methacrylate monomers contained in the adhesive. In addition, the acidic compounds in the dentin precipitate as insoluble calcium salts, facilitating the mechanical blocking and sealing of the dentin tubules. This integrated "desensitizing effect" prevents fluid movement in the dentin tubules and minimizes the risk of microleakage and postoperative sensitivity.


You can see here how Adhese Universal minimizes sensitivity! 


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