Selecting the right camera is essential to obtaining good-quality images - and this also applies to dental photography.Are you a dental professional and you want to document your work with images? But you are not quite sure what criteria you should use to select a camera that is suitable for this purpose? If this is you then we can help you with a few tips below.

Before you start looking at cameras, determine for what you want to use it.

Selecting the right camera is essential to obtaining good-quality images - and this also applies to dental photography. Which camera do you need? To make the right choice, you should first determine for what you want to use the images:

  • Do you want to share them for informational purposes, for instance on Whatsapp? If that is the case, the camera on your mobile will do.
  • Or will you use the images for documenting clinical cases? If so, then you will need to use a "better" digital camera.

 Compact cameraCompact camera

Single-lens reflex cameras Single-lens reflex cameras

Consider the setting options and accessories that come with the camera.

Do not only look at the camera itself, but also pay attention to the setting options and range of accessories and auxiliaries (e.g. lens filter, memory card reader) available for it. What exactly does the manufacturer offer?

A mind-boggling selection of digital cameras is available on the market. Below are only a few points that you should consider when buying a camera for dental photography:

  • Manual setting options: virtually a must-have. This means that the camera should offer you the option to set the aperture, exposure time and ISO sensitivity manually. This may already be possible with some of the better quality compact cameras.
  • ISO light sensitivity: The higher the light sensitivity, the higher is the risk of the image being grainy or "noisy". Susceptibility to "noise" distinguishes good cameras from cheap ones. It makes sense to use a camera with low light sensitivity.
  • Lens: in addition to the camera, the lens is a major factor to consider in dental photography.

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