Mamelons, incisal edge, surface morphology: tips for anterior restorations by Dr Markus Lenhard

For many dentists, Class IV restorations are rather unpopular. They shy away from these anterior restorations because they are considered difficult and time-consuming. Obtaining highly esthetic results in a Class IV restoration presents a challenge because the essential features of anterior teeth - such as the mamelons, incisal edge and surface morphology - differ from patient to patient. However, a simple technique can help you reproduce these characteristics faithfully. Dr Markus Lenhard shows you how.

Imitating nature aptly

The goal of a highly esthetic restoration is to imitate nature as closely as possible, or in other words, to mirror the natural impressions as faithfully as can be. Harmonious integration of the restoration always has priority. It is important to bear in mind that anterior teeth have certain features that can differ significantly from patient to patient. The 3 most important features are:

  • Varying degrees of translucency and opacity in the incisal edge,
  • distinct mamelons and
  • surface morphology.

Highly esthetic anterior restorations

It is relatively difficult to reproduce these features to obtain a highly esthetic restoration if a conventional universal composite is used. However, if you bear a few expert tips in mind, you may find it easier to achieve esthetically pleasing Class IV restorations. To start with, turn the tables and consider this type of restoration as an excellent opportunity to show all your esthetic skills. This is easier than you think if you have a good understanding of the material that you are going to use and you know how to use it to its best advantage.

Guide by Dr Markus Lenhard gives hands-on advice

In his new guide to highly esthetic Class IV restorations, Dr Markus Lenhard (Switzerland) shows you how to master this demanding task with style and efficiency. Using practical clinical examples, Dr Lenhard takes you on a fascinating journey. You will learn step by step how to proceed and achieve impressive results. The author deals with a wealth of issues, ranging from accurate shade selection and tooth analysis to the layering technique and efficient finishing and polishing of anterior restorations in conjunction with the composite material IPS Empress Direct. You will be able to pick up many helpful tips and recommendations whilst reading the guide. Here are a few tasters:

  • Did you know that the correct reproduction of translucency is more important than the correct selection of shade?
  • Do you always remember not to make the oral wall thicker than 1 mm?
  • Why is it important to look a patient straight in the face when restoring a Class IV defect in the upper jaw before you apply the dentin material 

Find out more in the Special Edition “Guide to Class IV Restorations with IPS Empress Direct” by Dr Markus Lenhard.

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