Dr Tatiana Repetto-Bauckhage, Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Schaan/Liechtenstein, successfully treated the following Class V lesion with Tetric EvoFlow under controlled isolation with OptraGate.An enamel lesion can be restored quickly and efficiently and without using a rubber dam, if suitable moisture control measures are implemented. It has become extremely easy to establish a dry working field due to a small and convenient auxiliary aid, which, for example, allows you to treat Class V cases very efficiently. Read our practical tips based on a study of an actual case treated by Dr Tatiana Repetto-Bauckhage, Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Schaan/Liechtenstein.

Relative isolation is indicated in many cases

“At R&D Ivoclar Vivadent AG we use the OptraGate lip and cheek retractor from Ivoclar Vivadent in many different situations: this includes procedures such as patient history taking, intraoral scanning and teeth cleaning. Furthermore, we use this auxiliary aid in situations where absolute isolation (e.g. with OptraDam) is not possible. In such cases, for example, distal caries associated with the third molar or Class V caries (see case study in PDF), we prefer to use a controlled approach to relative isolation.”

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