Natural opalescence and translucency: How to play with the light reflections in class-IV restorations

Have you ever looked at your highly esthetic, class-IV restoration and found it to be grey and dull? Are you looking for tips and tricks to achieve visually pleasing, harmonious and vibrant anterior teeth restorations in the future? Then read further.

A guide with specific tips

In his new guide, “Guide to class IV restorations with IPS Empress Direct”, Dr Markus Lenhard (Switzerland) describes how to overcome such challenges. He shows you, for example, how to play with light reflections and, if necessary, enhance the basic layering technique:

  1. Create natural opalescence in a single step with IPS Empress Direct Trans Opal.
  2. Enhance the opalescence effect at the incisal edge with greater translucency by applying the fascial layer in separate applications of incisal and translucent materials.
  3. Incorporate various effects, e.g. with IPS Empress Direct Color, into the final layer.


Would you like to know more? Then be sure to download the new guide from Dr Lenhard.

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