If you want to optimize your treatment processes and thereby work faster, more efficiently and easily, it often doesn’t take a lot of time or money. Sometimes small, very simple instruments are enough.  Read today, how a practical lip and cheek retractor makes the Austrian dentist, Dr Knut Hufschmidt’s, daily work in the practice easier.

Practical tip from Dr Knut Hufschmidt (Austria)

Using a very simple instrument, I have greatly improved my treatment procedures. The instrument I’m talking about is the lip and cheek retractor, OptraGate. It is used more than 10 million times worldwide per year. I use OptraGate routinely in dental cleaning and now also consistently for all dental treatments, where a perfectly dry environment is required and a rubber dam cannot be used or is not necessary. This little helper has provided me with a good service for more than 9 years. Day after day.

For use in many different situations

OptraGate allows me to use one treatment method for many different dental situations. Whether they are direct or indirect restorations. This instrument 

  • enables me to create a sufficiently dry oral environment,
  • enhances safety during treatment,
  • gives me a larger access to the treatment field,
  • allows me to perform more treatments without an assistant,
  • allows me to work more flexibly, efficiently and ergonomically.

I would like to demonstrate how the lip and cheek retractor helps in isolating the treatment field using a specific treatment case.

To the patient case


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The author: Dr Knut Hufschmidt, Wels/Austria

  • 1992 Qualification as a dentist; 1994 doctorate
  • 1995 Training to become a dental surgeon   
  • 1999 Established own dental practice in Wels
  • Treatment specialization: Prophylaxis, minimally invasive esthetic dentistry, implantology, complex fixed and removable "full mouth" restorations


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