Practical tip: How Dr Knut Hufschmidt simplifies the isolation of the treatment fieldIn the past year we again presented you with informative topics. Perhaps you missed out on reading one or the other of the posted items? Not a problem! We have summarized the most popular articles for you.

  1. Practical tip: How Dr Knut Hufschmidt simplifies the isolation of the treatment field
    If you want to optimize your treatment processes and thereby work faster, more efficiently and easily, it often doesn’t take a lot of time or money. Sometimes small, very simple instruments are enough. Read today, how a practical lip and cheek retractor makes the Austrian dentist, Dr Knut Hufschmidt’s, daily work in the practice easier. Read more

  2. Practice tip: Is the filling cured completely?
    Do you sometimes have doubts as to whether your curing device cures the fillings that you place properly? Two possible causes. Read more

  3. Dentin, Enamel & Co.: This is how to achieve an accurate shade match
    Achieving an accurate shade match of the restorative material to the dentin and enamel plays a significant role in creating an esthetically successful Class IV restorations. There are some rules that should be observed to achieve consistent shade accuracy. Read more

  4. Tips for anterior restorations by Dr Markus Lenhard
    For many dentists, Class IV restorations are rather unpopular. They shy away from these anterior restorations because they are considered difficult and time-consuming. Obtaining highly esthetic results in a Class IV restoration presents a challenge because the essential features of anterior teeth - such as the mamelons, incisal edge and surface morphology - differ from patient to patient. Read more

  5. How the Digital Denture works!
    Do you know the Digital Denture (= digital prostheses)? It is a new system for the manufacture of removable dentures. The term Digital Denture is the word used to describe the entire workflow involved in the fabrication of a CAD/CAM milled, full denture. The process is made up of innovative devices, software and materials suitable for both dentists and dental technicians. 
    Read more

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