Three examples of how you can heighten the efficiency of your practice:

In modern dentistry efficiency is essential. Since the competition continues to grow, the economic aspects of dental work are gaining in importance. Working efficiently benefits not only you: Your patients will be pleased about shorter appointments due to faster and more efficient treatment methods.

Three examples of how you can heighten the efficiency of your practice:

Dr Petr Hajný (Prague/Czech Republic) will show you how to go about achieving these goals. He consciously uses materials – for example certain composites or adhesives – which simplify his work. In the meantime, Dr Hajný can treat three patients in the same time that he used to take for two patients. He believes that by using highly efficient products the average treatment time can be reduced by up to 43 %, which is almost half of the time required in the past.



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You can read the complete article written by Dr Hajný on page 40 to 45 in the Special Feature entitled “A fast and comfortable way of restoring teeth”.

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Dr Petr Hajný will be a speaker at Ivoclar Vivadent's "Competence in Esthetics" Symposium in Vienna (from 10 to 11 November 2017), where he will focus on "Digital lab in the digital dental office - VISION BECAME REALITY”.

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