Augmented reality app from Ivoclar VivadentIvoSmile® is a software application (app) designed for the visualization of esthetic dental treatment options directly on the patient. The app is based on augmented reality (AR) technology.

Show your patients the effect that a dental improvement could have on their smile in a couple of minutes on your iPad - with no strings attached.

The app is based on augmented reality (AR) technology.

Give your patients empathetic and effective advice that they can understand. IvoSmile® is an innovative dental app that enables dental professionals to show their patients the possibilities of an esthetic dental makeover quickly and without any obligations. Your iPad turns into a virtual mirror with the help of augmented reality (AR). Your patients can look at themselves whilst you are advising them and see what their appearance would look like after an esthetic dental procedure.

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Visualize esthetic improvements effectively and quickly and eliminate the need for time-consuming explanations. Get your patients on board for a dental smile makeover: 

IvoSmile - Dr. Ivan Puljic - Final


A free demo version for iPhone and a fee-based, fully featured version for iPad are available.

The device to be registered will be automatically detected during the download of the IvoSmile® app
and the corresponding app version will be installed.

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