The Programat technology turns 40.

The Programat technology turns 40. Its worldwide success story started long ago. Based on sales figures, Programat is the market leader among all manufacturers of ceramic furnaces today. For dental technicians, the brand stands for innovation, ease of operation, high quality standards, durability and reliable firing results.


Learn what experienced dental technicians say about Programat. We asked seven users from different countries:

Christoph Zobler, Austria:Christoph Zobler

"We have been exclusively using Programat furnaces in our laboratory for many years. The furnaces are reliable, robust and easy to operate. The programs are perfectly matched to the ceramic materials from Ivoclar Vivadent. This gives us the reliability we need in our laboratory."


Lutz Brinkmann, Germany:
Lutz Brinkmann

"For me, Programat is synonymous with an easy, clear and straightforward operation."




Shigeo Kataoka, Japan:Shigeo Kataoka

"In Japan, total perfection and precision are a basic requirement for a product in professional practice. The firing results I have achieved with the Programat P710 have convinced me of its benefits. For this reason, I prefer to use this furnace."
(about Programat P710)


Oliver Brix

Oliver Brix, Germany:

The Programat P710 is my kind of furnace because for me it's very important that the furnace is calibrated perfectly. With the ATK 2 temperature calibration system I can check and calibrate the temperature in the furnace precisely. Only a perfect temperature enables perfect firing results."
(about Programat P710)


Gérald Ubassy

Gérald Ubassy, France:

“I was amazed to hear that Ivoclar Vivadent launched a furnace with a built-in infrared camera. When I tested the Programat furnace for the first time, I was surprised by the firing results. I would never have thought that I could measure the temperature on the objects being fired so accurately with the help of this technology.”
(about Programat P710)


Oliver Morhofer, Germany:Oliver Morhofer

"I look not only for an excellent firing performance in a furnace. Its optical design also plays an important role for me because ever more patients come to us to the laboratory for shade matching. The Programat P710 combines a top modern design with technical perfection and inspires confidence in our patients."
(about Programat P710)



Thomas Furter, Switzerland:

“This ceramic furnace is extremely user-friendly. It is very easy to program in just three quick steps due to the straightforward control panel with the colourful tiles. It can’t get any easier.”
(about Programat P710)




Programat technology has made history. Make sure to read our extensive anniversary brochure.

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Programat is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG. The availability of certain products may vary from country to country.