Oliver Brix specializes in creating highly esthetic all-ceramic restorations. His book “Fascinating all-ceramics” bears testimony to his superior craftsmanship.Oliver Brix who hails from Germany has a long-standing reputation for crafting exceptionally esthetic restorations. He admits to being a true fan of all-ceramic restorations. In his book entitled “Fascinating all-ceramics” Oliver Brix recounts his experiences and talks about his work philosophy. Read more!

Mr Brix, why did you write “Fascinating all-ceramics”?

Oliver Brix: I wrote a very successful book in 2001. Since then dental lab technology has evolved dramatically. I simply wanted to keep up with the times. My main aim was to offer my views on the developments that have taken place and show my practical experiences with all-ceramics. As working with all-ceramics has become a way of life for me, I wanted to convey my fascination for this technique to the dental community.

What type of approach and work philosophy do you illustrate in your book?

Oliver Brix: My philosophy is based on all the experience I have accumulated over the past 30-odd years of working very hard in this profession. The patient always takes centre stage. The dentist-dental technician team is responsible for using the most appropriate techniques and materials with the objective of meeting all the given requirements. We do not follow one single protocol. Rather we focus on using state-of-the-art materials and proven technologies. My book shows this using various examples and methods.Have a glance at the first pages of the book!

Oliver Brix, experienced dental technician and author of the book "Fascinating All-Ceramics".How would you describe your book in a nutshell?

Oliver Brix: The book recounts a journey through the fascinating world of all-ceramics and the IPS e.max system is our companion on the way.

What kind of feedback have you received from your readers?

Oliver Brix: The book received worldwide recognition almost from the very first minute of its publication. This excellent reception shows that there is an enormous interest in the methods shown for solving individual cases.

How can one order the book?

Oliver Brix: The book is now available in many different languages and in a number of countries. The easiest way to order it is by contacting the publisher directly:

teamwork media srl
Via Marconi 71/b
25069 Villa Carcina (BS)
Tel. +39 030 8982985 - 030 8988014
Fax +39 030 8981613

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