CNS allows dental laboratories to position themselves as cementation experts.Have you ever had to advise your dentist customers about the most suitable cementation method and luting material for a specific case? A useful web application provides help to more than 300 people throughout the world on a daily basis. It will assist you in recommending a suitable cementation solution that is matched to the restoration and the clinical situation being treated. 

Useful cementation advice at your fingertips

The complex topic of cementation often leaves even the most experienced dentists at a loss. As a result, when customers place their orders, they frequently asked their dental laboratory to recommend a suitable cementation method for the restoration. The web application called the Cementation Navigation System (CNS) shows the way out of the cements maze. CNS helps you to select the most suitable material and explains the application protocol on the basis of detailed video instructions.

How to use the application

CNS allows dental laboratories to position themselves as cementation experts. For example, when one of your dentist customers asks you for advice about a suitable cementation method or a matching luting material, all you have to do is follow the instructions below:

  1. Open CNS in your web browser.
  2. Select the corresponding indication and the restorative material used.
  3. Click on “Generate the instruction sheet (Dental lab)” to generate clear, step-by-step instructions in PDF format of the animated video. Before printing the instructions, you have the possibility of creating a personal cover letter (with your logo) addressed to your dentist.

You can attach the instruction sheet to your work. Your dentist will appreciate this gesture.

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