Conditioning the metal framework: How to avoid chipping and Co.Often, the devil lies in the details. Repeatedly, even experienced pros overlook small details, which can have a negative impact on the final result of their work. Even if you use digital processing techniques, despite all the automation there are still a few important steps you should consider. For example, CAD/CAM alloys have to be conditioned before veneering. This prevents chipping and you not only avoid unnecessary extra work, but also a lot of trouble.

For example, Colado CAD CoCr4: Not to be veneered directly

This is a common error in dental laboratories: Many dental technicians mill a metal framework (for example from Colado CAD CoCr4, a cobalt chromium alloy) and then veneer it – but they forget to condition the framework beforehand. The conditioning is especially important. Otherwise, the ceramic or the composite may not bond properly with the metal base. This can lead to unpleasant consequences such as chipping.

Sandblasting creates a mechanical bond

Digital production saves you many working steps. However, there are still few procedures which are still necessary by hand. These include the mechanical and also the chemical surface conditioning of your milled frameworks. These must be sandblasted before veneering. It cleans the metal and at the same time enlarges the surface area. This creates a good bond for the opaque. The opaque then provides the chemical bond between the metal framework and the subsequent layers of veneering material.

About Colado CAD

Colado CAD CoCr4 are discs made from a cobalt chromium alloy. These discs allow you to produce full-contour crowns and bridges, veneering frameworks, implant-supported superstructures and much more. Even applications with very thin cross sections, which are exposed to high loads, can be milled from Colado CAD CoCr4. The uniform metal structure ensures an even milling process over the disc cross section.


This is how to treat frameworks made from Colado CAD CoCr4

Flow Chart Ideal Framework preparation


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