ProgramatSo you need a new furnace? But you’re uncertain about the model. What should you take into consideration when buying a new furnace? The point of departure is set. The selection is immense. Making a decision is difficult. This does not have to be. The following five considerations will make your choice much easier – and they will save you time, worries and work to boot:

1. Firing behaviour and firing quality

The most important aspect to consider in a dental furnace is the way in which it will influence the firing behaviour and firing quality of ceramics. The temperature within the furnace should be evenly distributed. A furnace should be equipped with QTK muffle technology and a reflecting floor to help spread the heat evenly throughout the firing chamber. In addition, automatic double range temperature calibration involving two melting points (680 and 962° C) will ensure accurate firing of high and low-fusing ceramics. These are ideal prerequisites for achieving the best possible ceramic firing results.

2. Infrared – a sensor for successful results

Are you, like many of your peers, afraid that a lack of process reliability in firing procedures could harm the consistency of the quality you aim to offer? In that case, a furnace with built-in infrared technology offers peace of mind. This type of technology will allow you to achieve more reliable and in some cases faster firing results, thereby increasing your efficiency. And best of all, you will benefit from the advantages offered by the infrared technology during the preheating of the ceramic in particular. The predrying process controlled by the IRT feature reduces the risk of cracks occurring in the ceramic during the closing process.

3. Handling – as easy as possible 

Is the furnace you have been using too fiddly and difficult to handle? In that case, perhaps you should be looking for an easy-to-use and intuitively operated model. We recommend looking for a furnace with a large, movable colour touchscreen, which will allow you to operate the unit without any fuss, using the same type of icon controls which you know from your mobile phone. 

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4. Energy-saving function: for the benefit of the environment and your wallet

Are you looking for a furnace that offers you helpful extras for greater flexibility and freedom? Two examples are presented below:

  • You may want to look at a furnace that has an energy-saving function. Certain furnaces automatically switch over to a stand-by mode to save up to 40% energy. All you have to do is press a button and you are on your way to saving electricity and using other valuable resources efficiently and responsibly. In the process, you will protect the environment and reduce your electricity bill at the same time.
  • Long-lasting, robust technology with high-quality components will ensure a long life and a good return on investment. As a result, Ivoclar Vivadent extends a warranty of up to three years on the company’s equipment.

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5. Shade determination – leave nothing to chance

Has shade determination ever caused you a headache? Do you sometimes have the feeling that shade determination with a conventional shade guide is not always 100% correct? There is a way around this problem. Some furnace models can actually help with the shade selection process. How does it work? It’s easy: The dentist takes a picture of the selected shades and the natural teeth with a smartphone and sends it to the laboratory. This is particularly useful when the dental practice and the laboratory are quite far apart and the patient may not be able to go to the laboratory to have the tooth shade determined. The DSA (Digital Shade Assistant) software of the furnace determines the final tooth shade, which is then reproduced in the ceramic. The DSA system does the work for you and minimizes the risk of selecting an incorrect tooth shade. 

Conclusion: The perfect furnace for you is the one that fulfils your needs

Now you will ask, how will I finance the perfect furnace? But there’s no need to worry about that! You don’t have to choose the most sophisticated model. Excellent furnaces are available in a variety of categories. Try to establish the features that are indispensable to you, the price you can afford and are willing to pay. Good firing behaviour and easy handling are the paramount features. Other than that, we are sure that good judgement will guide you.

Have we left out anything important? What does the perfect furnace look like in your opinion? We look forward to receiving your suggestions and any other information you would like to share with us on this topic.

Are you unsure about the correct way to calibrate your dental furnace? Then you are in good company. These are questions often asked by dental technicians: (Why) Do ceramic furnaces need to be calibrated? Which options are there? Which is the best method? The most important answers can be found here. In this checklist, we have put together the most important tips on calibration.

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