Choosing clinically proven materials can go a long way in giving you the assurance you want.Expectation on the quality of modern dental materials are high, and rightly so, because patient care and treatment requires a great deal of responsibility. There is no room for experiments. Find out what you can do to make sure your restorations stand the test of time.

Cracks or fractures - why?

If your client-dentists tell you that their patients have returned to their practice with a crack or fracture in their precious restorations during the given warranty period, a few questions will undoubtedly pop into your mind:

Troubleshooting vs prevention

Deliberations like this are absolutely normal. Yet, troubleshooting is one thing, prevention another. After all, who would want to be in a situation where they have to ask themselves those uncomfortable questions? What can you do to minimize these risks?

While there can never be a 100 per cent certainty, there is nonetheless one thing you can - and should - do: Make sure that you and your dental technician use established and trusted materials! Choosing clinically proven materials can go a long way in giving you the assurance you want. Especially in times when ever more manufacturers offer new materials, technologies and services, many users feel overwhelmed by the sheer jungle of offers available to them. They feel disoriented - or they start to experiment. Being open to innovations is important but also harbours risks. Those who opt for established materials and systems, with a proven track record of reliability, are steering a sensible course. Tried-and-tested dental materials are the most likely to deliver lasting success and high reliability. We all know that quality will prevail in the end. 

Evidence-based all-ceramic system

IPS e.max materials have been successfully used in dental applications for many years. The evidence-based all-ceramic system is based on sound scientific data for both the lithium disilicate glass-ceramic and zirconium oxide components. Up to 15 years of clinical experience and approx. 120 million restorations placed (based on sales figures) with a mean survival rate of 96% - this is the clinical performance of a material that makes all the difference.

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Discover unprecedented possibilities with the proven IPS e.max system.

IPS e.max exceed expectations

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