The Programat app is now available in a new improved versionAre you already using the Programat app? Would you like the app to be even easier and more comfortable to operate in the future? Then you will be pleased to find out what the latest version of the app can do for you.

New improved version

The Programat app is now available in a new improved version. The app offers users of the latest Programat generation (xx10) the possibility to communicate with their furnaces through a WLAN connection. Overall, the added benefits of the new app can be summarized with the following keywords:

  • Verification function for DSA image analysis: This feature checks if your photo meets all the requirements for DSA analysis. If this is the case, a positive acknowledgement appears on your screen. Then you can send the image to the furnace for DSA analysis.
  • Wireless image data transfer via WiFi: This feature allows you to send your photos easily and conveniently from your smartphone to the Programat furnace. All you need is a WiFi connection.
  • Picture Manager for image management: With the Picture Manager, you can manage your images effortlessly. You can store your DSA photos and your regular photos in two different folders. In this image mode, an icon is displayed in the upper right corner to determine whether the image is suitable for DSA analysis.

In short: With the new app, you are in total control of your Programat furnace at all times.

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