Good to know: flexural strength and why it is importantIn the past year we again presented you with informative topics. Perhaps you missed out on reading one or the other of the posted items? Not a problem! We have summarized the most popular articles for you.

  1. Good to know: flexural strength and why it is important
    Surely you have already come across the term ‘flexural strength’. What exactly do we mean by ‘flexural strength’? Why is flexural strength important? Which values are considered good? Find out some of the most important things you should know about this topic. Read more

  2. Digital Denture: The simpler way of fabricating complete dentures
    Are you looking for a quicker and easier way to fabricate complete dentures? Do you want to achieve more predictable results? If yes, then why not think about combining complete denture prosthetics with CAD/CAM technique. Read on to learn why. Read more

  3. A video interview with Dr Mirela Feraru: "Experience our clinical case first hand in the form of a digital story!"
    Dr Mirela Feraru and Prof. Dr Nitzan Bichacho from Israel show that it can be done: International collaboration on clinical cases is no longer a problem. Together with dental technician Stefano Inglese from Italy, they have successfully solved a very demanding clinical case – across borders and beyond language barriers. Read more

  4. Dental photography: Tips and tricks for great photography in the lab
    In our series of posts on dental photography, we provide you with insightful tips and tricks for your professional photography. Learn today what to watch out for to shoot in-work pictures that are of such a quality that you can present and publish them without hesitation. Read more

  5. Pink esthetics: How to create natural-looking gingiva with laboratory composite?
    In view of the many dental restorations requiring additional areas with gingiva, pink esthetics – e.g. the lifelike design of the gingiva – is becoming increasingly important. If you are interested in learning how to make natural-looking gingival areas using laboratory composite, read on! Read more

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