The flask enhances the SR Nexco product system and is ideally coordinated with the SR Nexco materials.

Are you looking for a fast way of veneering especially large framework structures with a light-curing laboratory composite? The press technique provides a solution. A special flask developed in close cooperation with experts of the press technique makes it now possible to veneer restorations in a jiffy. Read on!

Aim: More efficiency in the dental lab

New developments should always aim at making daily work easier for the users and bringing more efficiency into the dental lab. SR Nexco Flask is a special flask that was developed by Ivoclar Vivadent in close cooperation with experts who placed special emphasis on functionality, ergonomics and design in order to address the manifold challenges encountered in everyday practice. It is suitable for pressing light-curing veneering composite on framework structures and features many nifty details that simplify the press-on procedure.

Developed in cooperation with experts

In line with the slogan “For professionals, by professionals”, the developers relied on the expertise of experienced practitioners when designing the flask. And they did so with success! Due to the close cooperation with dental technicians the flask features high flexibility. The flask can be easily adapted to the indication and framework situation at hand and yet remains easy to use.

Effective and fast for large, long-span restorations

The decisive advantage of this flask is that particularly long-span bridges can be veneered fast and efficiently. Due to the well-thought-out design of the flaks, also smaller restorations can be fabricated effectively and material can be saved by using e.g. a separate spacer (block-out). When compared directly, the wax-up and the final restoration are almost identical.

The flask enhances the SR Nexco product system and is ideally coordinated with the SR Nexco materials.

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