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Do you believe that there is still room for improvement in the supply, handling and esthetic possibilities of artificial teeth? Would you say that prefabricated teeth on removable dentures should integrate better into the natural environment? That the shades should be a better match? Or that the construction elements should be hidden better? Then read further.

Esthetics: In harmony with nature

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Nature creates the most beautiful tooth shapes and shades. Prefabricated teeth should follow and complement this fact. The new SR Vivodent S DCL anterior line meets individual patient requirements. The teeth have been esthetically and prosthetically optimized. In the A-D shades, the new anterior teeth are particularly suitable for combined restorations.

The most important advantages:

  • The new prefabricated teeth integrate well into the natural environment. They resemble the characteristics and behaviour of natural teeth. They have been modelled on a variety of natural teeth. This basic shape has been perfected according to today’s esthetic requirements. That means: The surface structure is delicately characterized. This creates a lively light reflection. In addition, each anterior tooth is layered with mamelons and enamel relevant to its individual shape. The balance of transparency/opacity ensures very good light transmission. The surrounding colours in the natural environment are therefore readily reflected in the artificial tooth.
  • The new prefabricated teeth have a more intense appearance. They complement the A-D and Bleach shades, which are popular for fixed and combined restorations. With the PE shade system an additional 20 shades are available for total dentures.
  • Anterior and posterior teeth have been prosthetically optimized. These teeth cover construction elements easily without requiring additional veneering material on the prefabricated tooth. This saves you time and gives a better appearance.

Uneven tooth positions: Problems in total dentures

Other problems in total denture techniques: Often, natural, uneven interlacing of the anterior teeth cannot be realized without compromising the esthetics. Excess threads of material, resulting from the pressing procedure, can often be seen in the interdental areas. Or cervically tapered tooth shapes leave unsightly "black holes". These are now problems of the past thanks to the new tooth line. With this tooth line, you can position and interlace the anterior teeth as individually as the patient's case requires.
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