The flask is matched to the laboratory composite SR Nexco

Are you looking for a flask that will make your work easier? Would you like a flask that is exceptionally functional, ergonomic and well-designed to deal with the multifaceted challenges of everyday procedures?

Individually adjustable

Today, we would like to introduce you to a flask that has been developed in collaboration with a team of experts: SR Nexco Flask. Due to the numerous fine details incorporated into the flask, this device is highly flexible. Its special features are based on the professional contributions of the experts who participated in its development. It can be adjusted to individual cases and framework situations. A few of the many benefits offered by the flask are listed below:

  1. A removable base plate allows the height of the flask to be flexibly adjusted
  2. A block-out spacer helps save material during small jobs
  3. The flask is matched to the laboratory composite SR Nexco
  4. Homogeneous application of SR Nexco without preheating of the pastes
  5. The openings for filling the flask in the top flask half fit the mixing tips of the clear silicone Transil F.


This is how to press veneering composite on framework structures

SR Nexco is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG. The availability of products may vary from country to country.