Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill is the youngest member of the Tetric Evo-Line. It can be applied in layers of up to 4 mm. This results in a significant increase in efficiency.

Innovative technologies

Highly reactive patented light initiator to increase the curing depth without compromising the high-quality properties of Tetric EvoFlow.

Since the refractive index of the monomer matrix changes after polymerization, this technology allows you to achieve a dentin-like opacity to conceal even medium discolourations.


  • Increments of up to 4 mm
  • Dentin-like or enamel-like volume replacement
  • Time savings of 47% compared to the conventional technique*

*Data available on request.

The free sample is only available to persons living in Europe (EU/EFTA countries) and limited to one free sample per person. Dealers are excluded from this offer. This offer is valid until end of stock.