Table of contents:

  • In vitro studies
  • Clinical investigations
  • Clinical product evaluations
  • Terminology/Literature

Adhese Universal was approved for clinical use in March 2014. Since then its market acceptance is growing very fast. The following scientific and clinical data collected is very promising and continually expanding. This Scientific Report highlights just some of the key findings.

Simple “Click” activation with the unique VivaPen delivery system dispenses the exact amount of material needed for each procedure. Dispensing of adhesive material into a mixing well is no longer required, which results in a significant reduction in material waste. In comparison to conventional bottle delivery forms, the VivaPen provides enough material for approximately 190 single-tooth applications which is almost 3 times more applications per millilitre.

Key features:

  • Efficient Click & Bond dispensing with the VivaPen
  • Suitable for direct and indirect bonding procedures and all etching protocols
  • Wet & Dry Bonding – high technique tolerance on wet and dry dentin
  • Integrated desensitizing effect – low risk of post-operative sensitivity
  • Consistently high shear bond strength

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