Tips & Tricks from Dr Eduardo Mahn, IPS Empress Direct - The highly esthetic composite

Do you have any questions related to the topic of anterior restorations? Are you looking for tips and tricks that will help you to place this type of filling more esthetically and efficiently? Would you like to familiarize yourself with IPS Empress Direct? A new publication is available, which will provide you with useful tips and tricks and examples based on real cases. Discover the artist within you!

Excerpt from the table of contents:

  • Use a highly esthetic yet straightforward composite resin system
  • Build-up restorations in a few steps
  • Prevent restorations from looking greyish or too bright
  • Create the “halo” effect with ease

Answers to this and other questions related to direct restorative procedures can be found in our new brochure “Tips and tricks”. Download now for free. Please fill in the download form.